Train tickets to Machu Picchu

Train to Machu Picchu - Although we recommend booking a tour to visit Machu Picchu, as this will help you with your safety, well understand the culture and out of curiosity because it is accompanied by a specialized guide, have no setbacks, no queues, save time, optimize your visit and save money.

We also do booking train tickets through the purchase of train tickets..

Reserve for train ticket to Machu Picchu USD 15.00

There are six categories or types of trains for the tour or trip to Machu Picchu for foreigners and one for Peruvian people:

You can book tours or tickets on these trains:

USD 300 Tour to Machu Picchu by Train "Peru Rail", 1 full day.
USD 270 Tour to Machu Picchu by Train "Inca Rail", 1 full day.

PeruRail Train Company to Machu Picchu

Logo de Perú Rail

1.- Expedition Train Service:

Tren ExpeditionDesigned exclusively for travelers with adventurous spirit who in turn seek comfort and safety. Expedition service has remodeled his seat upholstery with Inca motifs, giving them a very local and indigenous touch and the convenience of having ample space for your backpacks.

Round Trip Rate USD 148

2.- Vistadome Train Service:

VistadomeThe quickest and easiest way to visit Machu Picchu. On the trip, you can enjoy delicious snacks and beverages both hot and cold. Coaches recently renewed, which are equipped with panoramic windows that allow you to enjoy a spectacular view and take wonderful pictures.

Round Trip Rate USD 173

3.- Hiram Bingham luxury train:

Hiram BinghamIt has 02 coaches and 42 passenger spaces, a bar car and another car to kitchen for food preparation. Among many exquisite design details of the cars are large and comfortable seats and extra wide tables. Almost 3 feet long and 30 cm wider than others on the same route, these cars are among the most spacious and comfortable in the world.

Round Trip Rate USD 795

4.- Local Train Service:

Local trainIt is a subsidized train, has 05 passenger cars and freight cars, are for use solely and exclusively Peruvian passenger, you can only upload here, Possessing the DNI (national identity), these cars are not very comfortable, and sometimes passengers and cargo traveling in the hallways.

Inca Rail Train Company to Machu Picchu

Logo de IncaRail

1.- Inca Rail Tourist Service

Servicio Turista de Inca RailFor Those looking to enjoy That a comfortable travel at affordable prices, This service is ideal. Plush seats with tables in front, large panoramic windows and a refreshing drink while you enjoy the wonderful natural landscape, make sure your trip to Machu Picchu an unforgettable experience.

During the trip we will offer you to choose from a variety of hot and cold drinks.

Round Trip Rate Ollantaytambo - Machupicchu USD 115

2.- Executive Inca Rail Train Service:

Executive TrainOur wagons have a capacity for only 50 passengers have comfortable seats, all with tables in front and panoramic windows that allow them to enjoy the wonderful scenery all the way. Relaxing background music, fragrant flowers, delicious, healthy snacks, processed without chemicals or pursuivants, and delicious natural drinks are at your disposal.

Round Trip Rate Ollantaytambo - Machupicchu USD 135

3.- First Class Train Service:

Train First ClassIn addition to all services available to the Executive Class service, our exclusive First Class Service offers maximum comfort and space on board. With only 30 spaces for each car, its spacious and comfortable seats have been carefully designed to ensure the total comfort of our passengers.Relaxing background music, fragrant flowers, a wide selection of delicious, healthy snacks, homemade chocolates, all made without chemicals or preservatives and delicious natural drinks brought from around the world will also be at your disposal.Additionally, our passengers will have at your disposal a beautiful selection of beautiful and interesting books about Peru they can enjoy along the way. Our crew will make your trip an unforgettable experience.

Round Trip Rate Ollantaytambo - Machupicchu USD 270

Requisitos para reservar el tour

  • Fecha de inicio de tour.
  • Nombres completos.
  • Nacionalidad.
  • Número de pasaporte.
  • Fecha de Nacimiento.
  • Nombre de su hotel
  • Teléfonos para contactarlos
  • Pago del 50% del costo del tour.
  • Tener "Visa de turismo" si es de Costa Rica, Honduras y Guatemala.
  • Los precios son de promoción y para pagos en efectivo, de pagar con tarjeta de crédito se le hará un sobrecargo del 8% al total.

Reserve su tour o haga sus consultas

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Congratulations, excellent attention thanks

Travel and realize the dream of your life. Cecilia Tobon tourist of Panamanian nationality does not hesitate for a moment to realize this dream, to know the majestic Machu Picchu. For more information about the 06-day and 05-night tour click here or contact us via Facebook, Twitter, Google + or via our chat 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, whatsapp: +51984630919.

Name: Cecilia Tobon
Country: Panamá
Date: 21 Jun 2017

We traveled well, happy and without problems with the advice of Machu Picchu Travel

Miguel Rojas Colombian tourist made the trip of his life, meet the majestic Machu Picchu along with one of the best agency Machu Picchu Travel. For more information about the 03 days and 02 nights tour click here or contact us through Facebook, Twitter, Google + or through our chat 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, whatsapp: +51984630919.

Name: Miguel Rojas
Country: Colombia
Date: 19 Jun 2017

Everything is excellent with Machu Picchu Travel, with them you are even closer to fulfilling the wonderful dream of knowing much of the Peruvian culture.

Peru is the country that every traveler wants to visit, not only Machu Picchu, but in addition to it, our country has wonderful places, whether on the coast, the mountains and the jungle. So if you have a paddle to make some trip we invite you to consider this beautiful country. For more information about the tour of 04 days and 03 nights click here or contact us through Facebook, Twitter, Google + or through our chat 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, whatsapp: +51984630919.

Name: Wilson Snaider
Country: Colombia
Date: 16 Jun 2017

Agency very efficient, prepared, consistent with their offers and very concerned about the passengers, with constant and timely communication.

A trip, a dream come true, Sergio is of Chilean nationality, who indicates that this trip to Machu Picchu was always scheduled and that it was his dream longed to arrive at this wonderful place. For more information about the 05 days and 04 nights tour click here or contact us through Facebook, Twitter, Google + or through our chat 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, whatsapp: +51984630919.

Name: Sergio Sanhueza
Country: Chile
Date: 13 Jun 2017

Excellent agency Machu Picchu Travel, compliments, friendly and provides continuous accompaniment, Recommended !

A trip does not have to be so annoying, for all this there is Machu Picchu Travel, who are willing to help you in everything you need, be it income, trains among others. For more information about the Amparo Montenegro passenger's tour of 06 days and 05 nights click here or contact us through Facebook, Twitter, Google + or through our chat 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, whatsapp: +51984630919.

Name: Amparo Montenegro
Country: Colombia
Date: 13 Jun 2017

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